Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Apple sends ‘take down’ notices to cracked iOS apps creator AppTrackr

AppTrackr is the most popular marketplace for downloading cracked iOS applications. The company announced in a blog post, via Installous, that Apple began sending “take down” notices over cracked applications and have been scraping AppTrackr’s links looking for infractions.

In response to Apple’s recent aggressive stance on cracked iOS application Apptrackr is currently undergoing some large changes. They note that they have added CAPATCHA to all outbound links, and they have switched their servers to several countries that do not have copyright laws. AppTrackr will now place an ad on the CAPATCHA page to pay for moving servers.
It looks like Apple has begun to make the leap and crack down on cracked iOS applications. AppTrackr uses their installer tool called Installous to install cracked applications, and makes available applications like Apple’s Numbers, NOAA Radar US, Nike+ GPS, and more to those who jailbreak. Obviously with the wide range of applications that AppTrackr makes available, it could potentially hurt some of Apple’s sales (right now).


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